Position Summary

Sulam is an innovative, fast-growing, pluralistic Jewish studies and Hebrew immersion after-school program about to launch its 6th year, with grades K-4 split into two classrooms.  Sulam offers day school-caliber curriculum, and we are looking for a stellar teacher to grow with us. Responsibilities include:


  • use comprehensive approach to spoken Hebrew language, reading, and writing on an individual, class, or small group basis; use and expand on a basic curriculum that also includes Jewish holidays, rituals, Torah, and other Jewish content

  • support, motivate, and encourage children

  • manage a classroom effectively

  • help with school events, trips, and activities

  • accompany some Sulam students each day from their public school to the Sulam location at 2:30pm

Prep and Other Responsibilities

  • attend meetings and reviews with the Director and Assistant Director

  • communicate effectively with parents

  • create weekly optional homework packets and review them to return to students

  • write semi-annual progress reports for students

  • hold semi-annual parent-teacher conferences

  • help plan and attend special events throughout the year (e.g., back-to-school night, community Shabbat dinner, annual siddur party)

  • maintain Sulam Instagram account

  • write English/Hebrew blurbs for weekly newsletter

  • maintain the classroom space (putting away the day’s materials/supplies and tidying up)

  • prepare for daily lessons


  • experienced, credentialed K-4 teacher with work permit

  • warm, energetic, dynamic, and comfortable with creating integrated, multi-age learning environments

  • demonstrated ability to manage classroom with particular emphasis on small group learning

  • experience in teaching Jewish studies, including holidays, rituals, Jewish text and/or experience in Hebrew immersion and/or Hebrew as a second language program

  • native Hebrew speaker highly preferred; fluency in Hebrew required


  • available to teach Monday to Thursday from 2:30-5:00pm in Coolidge Corner

  • available to provide informal aftercare Monday to Thursday from 5-6pm in Coolidge Corner

  • available to teach from the end of August through June

  • available to hold informal experiences for children on 8 public school early dismissal days throughout the year (from 12:45-2:30pm)

  • all told, it is 10 hours of teaching time per week, plus 6-10 hours per week for prep and other responsibilities

Potential to create and run an informal Sulam camp experience during February and April public school vacation weeks, as well as the 2 weeks before the start of school (typically the last two weeks of August)– if we run the camps, teachers would receive additional stipends.

About Sulam

Sulam is for children whose parents want the excellent education provided by Brookline public schools as well as Hebrew immersion and intensive Judaic education. Sulam is as diverse as the American Jewish community. Sulam is…

1. Inspiring: Students learn as they have fun, dance, paint, sing, explore...
2. Immersive: Sulam employs fluent Hebrew-speaking teachers and uses Israeli language materials.
3. Intensive: Students attend Sulam 5 to 10 hours a week as a “day school after school”.
4. Individualized: Our teacher-student ratio is 1:8.
5. In our Community: Sulam’s families are all in walking distance of each other.
6. Inclusive: Students are American, Israeli, observant and non-observant. Sulam is pluralistic and celebrates Jewish values and the spectrum of Jewish living.

For more information, visit the Sulam web site.

To Apply

Interested candidates, please, send letter of interest and resume to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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