2010 DeLeT/Pardes Alumni Conference

Baltimore - October 28-31, 2010

The theme for our joint conference with Pardes was Chazak, Chazak V’Nitchazek: Exploring our Identity, Strengthening Our Teaching.

Our conference goals were to:

  • Offer teachers inspiring learning and professional development that integrates Jewish and general education and excellent pedagogy,
  • Energize teachers and expand their vision of Jewish day school education,
  • Further develop and strengthen teacher leadership,
  • Explore the nexus between personal and professional identity,
  • Provide a community of so that the DeLeT teachers feel part of something larger than their schools, and
  • Strengthen the DeLeT Alumni Network (DAN).

The Conference provided an all-expenses-paid trip to Baltimore, including travel, hotel, meals, and all conference sessions. (Childcare was provided for those with babies who were still on maternity leave.) Every DeLeT Alumnus who is teaching or who is continuing their education was invited.

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