Jewish Day Schools, Jewish Communities: A Reconsideration by Alex Pomson and Howard Deichter

Recommended by Luisa Latham

Littman Library of Jewish Civilization-Publisher’s Review:

“This is the first book-length consideration of Jewish day-schools around the world and of their relationship both to the Jewish community and to society as a whole. .. it reveals conflicting conceptions of the social functions of schooling, a new understanding of the capacity of schools to build community, and original insights into faith-based schooling and the public good.”

Pomson and Deichter’s book, a collection of essays by noted educators, takes another look at Jewish day schools to examine their evolving role in Jewish life and the ways in which they affect and are effected by their cultural and educational contexts. These essays are arranged in three parts – Insights from Public and General Education, Cross Cultural Insights, from Jewish day schools around the world, and Insights through the Prism of Community. The last of these has some very powerful essays on the way in which the communities in which schools are situated shape them and are shaped by them.

Recommended for all educators to promote their thinking about the “big picture” of school as a community and the many ways in which their schools can have impact on the community and benefit from its resources.

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