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We want to thank you for your involvement in the DeLeT Alumni Network. Every event you attend or comment you post in an online conversation helps us strengthen our community of professionals who are dedicated to reflective practice and collaboration. 

No matter where we are in life, DeLeT played an immeasurable role in shaping us as educators. DeLeT invested in us; we received this education as either a fully or partially subsidized gift.

Please consider giving back to DeLeT--- donate to DeLeT at HUC or to DeLeT at Brandeis (for Brandeis, indicate "DeLeT" in the designation area marked "other").  

Every little bit counts. DeLeT is funded by individual donors and organizational grants. Often, potential donors ask the question, "What percentage of your alumni have financially given back?" When donors see an alumni base that is committed to seeing the program succeed, they are more likely to invest themselves. 

By donating an amount that is meaningful to you, you are helping to ensure that DeLeT will be able to shape the future of Jewish day school education. Thank you, in advance, for your support. 

Warm wishes,

Michelle Barton HUC Cohort 9

Shara Peters HUC Cohort 9

Jocelyn Tarkoff Brandeis Cohort 2

DAN Alumni Coordinators

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