Sarah Burns (Cohort 7)

Sarah Burns is a member of DeLeT Cohort 1 (Brandeis). After DeLeT, she moved to New York City where she taught math at the Abraham Joshua Heschel High School. She recently returned to the Boston area with her husband, Dan, and is taking some time out of the classroom to be with her children, Maya and Eli.

Jewish education is important to Sarah, but her first love is math. She is passionate about teaching for understanding and helping students find meaning in mathematics, both by finding everyday applications for math and by finding the beauty and elegance of the subject for its own sake. She is interested in examining the ways that thoughtful planning and assessing impacts students’ learning. Sarah is also excited about teaching young people about Jewish life through experiential learning and being a role model for various ways of being involved in the Jewish community.

Sarah is excited to be joining the DeLeT Alumni Network Leadership Cabinet this year! She is looking forward to strengthening relationships between alumni and the academic sites, as well as with each other, by advancing opportunities for communication and collaboration. We have so much to learn from each other, and so much to offer the world of Jewish day schools and the community at large.