Mission and Vision


The DeLeT (Day School Leadership through Teaching) Alumni Network (DAN), a support and resource network of graduates of DeLeT, helps DeLeT alumni to continue to grow as teachers and teacher-leaders throughout their careers and forges mutually supportive and lasting relationships between and among the DeLeT programs and its alumni.


The vision of the DeLeT Alumni Network is to nurture an alumni community embracing reflective, collaborative and inquiry-based teaching. The DAN advocates on behalf of Jewish day school educators throughout their careers, reflecting practitioners’ voices within the diverse communities of North American day schools.


The DAN employs a steering committee - a group of alumni who serve as close advisors and help to carry out the DAN's mission. This year the steering committee has three working groups: communications, community building and professional growth. You can see in the diagram below each group's goals, and how they intersect and overlap with one another.

 Venn Diagram

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